Sunday, March 9, 2014

A day in the sun!

Great adventure today!! And a nice 60 day for a change. My husband and I hopped into the jeep to go explore a possible place for a summer school field trip. We went to an old grist mill that is being restored out in the middle of Dade county not to far from Stockton Lake. It was interesting, the old building was looking a bit refreshed with new windows and we got out and looked around. The old cabins that were on the property also were history standing. So neat that someone took the time to start preserving them. One that we looked at was considered a "mansion" back in the day as it had two floors and a day kitchen connected by a breezeway. I will be watching the progression here, hopefully we can visit again with students. There is supposed to be Civil War reenactments the second week in June so maybe the grist mill will be up and running!

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